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In Case You Missed My First Post !!!
I'm producing a template for a football pool I am in. It's called a "Margin
Of Victory" pool. Just like most, the person with the most points at the end
of the NFL season wins. It works just like the name. Each person chooses on
NFL team each week. Points are awarded or deducted for the "Margin" of
points the NFL team the person chose won by. "Victory" ex: I chose the
Philadelphia Eagles this week and they beat the Carolina Panthers 28 to 7.
I, for choosing the Eagles, am awarded 21 points. Another person, who had
the Panthers this week would have -21, or 21 points deducted from his/her
running total.
Heres the trick, and my problem for this post. Each person in the pool can
choose the same team from each of the 32 NFL teams once. In other words, my
choice of the Eagles is available to me only once in the 17 week season.
I need a formula that notifies the input person that I can't have the Eagles
this week because I used them in week 10. Surely there is a formula that
recognizes PHI, (the abbreviation for Philadelphia) and notifies the input
person. I was thinking perhaps a "True" or "False" value in the column next
to each persons name.
Can Anyone Help ???


Is it at all possible to attach your workbook, It would be nice to see what
you have so far,
I am sure there are many viewers that can do this but it would be easier to
work with what you have so far,
Try a file sharing web site to provide a link to your workbook


NO... This is my life's work since September. I need to be the debuiter...I
just need to work out a few kinks. Thanks anyway

T. Valko

I thought this sounded familiar!

Microsoft Excel MVP



Yup... Still Chippin away at this thing. I don't easily give up!
Must say that this program has come a long way since my first post. I'll
get it. RIGHT!!!

T. Valko

I applaud your determination.

Here's a helpful tip:

You didn't provide any detail in your post for anyone to know how to do what
it is you want to do. I'm pretty sure that what you want to do is relatively
easy (it sounds easy!), *but* (and it's a big but!) we'd have to know how
things are setup.

You need to realize that *you are the only one* that knows exactly what you
have and what you want. You have the file right in front of you. We, on the
other hand, can only go by what you tell us and so far you haven't told us
anything that will help us help you.

Dave's response was just like my response to your earlier post (from
October, I just looked it up). And your reply was the same. In essence,
thanks for the help, but no thanks, I'll do it myself.

To be honest, that doesn't make any sense to me. Sometimes a problem can't
be described well enough to give a good picture of what's happening. Someone
offering to actually take a look at the file is a very rare thing. The
overwhelming majority of responders in these groups don't make those offers.

When you were in school didn't teachers show you how to do things? So,
what's the difference here?

Microsoft Excel MVP



To support the valid points that Biff is making, here's an *array* formula
that will do *exactly* what you're asking:


Pick a team more then once in that 17 column range between B20 and R20, and
you'll see a return of "Duplication".

Now, does that formula fit within your design?
Would something less complicated suffice, or perhaps would something more
complicated be necessary?
None of us here know that.

Why should we spend time creating and suggesting solutions that you might
out-of-hand reject and disregard as not being pertinent or feasible to your
sheet structure?

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