NFL Footballpool help



I am making a football Pool for NFL games and need help on the followin

1. Need cell f5 on worksheet 2 to automatically show same data as cel
f5 on worksheet 1.

2. I run a confidence point league, so players pick game winners, the
rank those winners by their confidence. (1-16 for 16 game weekend;1-1
for 14 game weekend)

now...I currently manually place a 0 or a 1 next to each players' pick
and get a total value for points diplayed in my 'total' Cell.

how...Can i make a table of the games played that week, manually inpu
the scores of each team, and have this make the 0 or 1 appear next t
players picks?

Thanks for the help.

There are probably alot of people interested in creating their own NFL
confidence type database so lets use this thread as a help section fo


I just figured out the answer to my first Question...I had been puttin
the sheet statement in wrong place


Hi Bent,

We would need to know the layout that you have. I have a
small group that I manage and I go about it entirely
differently. If it's possible, you can send me a copy of
the file and I'll take a look at it. I'm sure that I can
come up with something. You'll need to change my address
to biff_in_pitt


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