Can''t get it

I am a pool league team captain with 5 players. The problem is that not all
of the players have showed up to play each week, but yet at the end of the
season they are wanting their equal share of the prize money awarded. I am
not going to give a player that has only been there to play 10 matches the
same amount that a couple other players that have been there to play 30
matches. I know the formula to determine the percent of matches played, but
what I need to know is how do I figure out what percent their share is?

Can someone please help???

Gary''s Student

Assume that the total prize money is 1234

List the names in column A
List the matches attended in column B
In C1, enter:

=(1234*B1/SUM(B:B)) and copy down. For example:

john 10 57.40
bob 20 114.79
max 30 172.19
larry 12 68.87
moe 43 246.80
curly 98 562.47
shep 2 11.48


You should add up all the games played by all players, and then divide
this into the number of games played for each player. If the games
played are in column A, occupying A2:A30, for example, then you would
have this:


Format as percentage, and then copy down to row 30.

Hope this helps.




If the total weeks played is 30 and there are 5 players each week
then there is 150 shares to be split.
1 share = Total prize money/150
Each player gains one share for each week that they show up.

Therefore a player who is there every week (i.e. 30 weeks) would recieve
30/150*100 = 20%
A player who was there for 10 weeks would recieve
10/150*100 = 6.67%
A player who only played once would recieve
1/150*100 = 0.67%


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