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Could someone please tell me the best way of doing this

I have a large spreadsheet (1200 rows and 25 columns wide) with all the
games my football team have played, arranged like

Game,Season,Date,Opponents,Competition,Division,Type,Result,Score(us),Score(them) Venue,Notes,Manager,Goals
1,Goals 2,Goals 3,Goals 4,Goals 5,Goals 6,Goals 7,Goals 8,Goals 9,Goals
10,Goals 11.

In the goals coumns (Goals 1 thru to Goals 11) are the names of the people
who scored i.e Glenn Poole, Adam Parker etc etc.

I need to look up the season column and then count the goals columns (Goals
1 thru to Goals 11) so that the table looks somehting like

Players Glenn Poole Adam Parker
2003-04 5 3
2004-05 2 1

Please HELP!!!!!


you need a sumproduct formula similar to: -

=sumproduct((A1:1200="season")*(B1:L1200="goal scorer))

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