Greetings from Downunder

I draw a rectangle from autoshapes on the slide, r/clk > add text > and then
add text. From custom animation > add effect > entrance > crawl in > from
right -- and then, same again but exit > crawl out > to left, the line of
text enters from the RH edge of the slide and then exits out the LH edge of
the slide. What I want to achieve is for the text to enter the RH edge, and
exit the LH edge of the RECTANGLE not the slide. Could someone please tell
me how this is done?

Using XP + SP3 and Office 2003




Lucy Thomson

Hi Carl

Greetings from sunny Adelaide :)

I would do this by creating a mask and have the text crawl behind that. I've
done a video for you - I'm afraid the sound is a bit dodgy but you should
get the general idea:


David Marcovitz

To add to Lucy's answer, you might want to look at:

as well as:

The latter is specifically for PowerPoint 2000 and earlier, so some of the
techniques might be obsolete with the new animations introduced in 2002.
However, there are some neat tricks there that are still useful.


David M. Marcovitz
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Associate Professor, Loyola University Maryland


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