Corrupted Drive



I have a hard drive which is partitioned into 3 drives , I had been
getting this message upon trying to access each one of those drives ,
Drives D: E: & F: It says The File or Directory is Corrupted and is
Unreadable .

Upon rebooting the next time, Chkdsk run itself during the booting process
and scanned and fixed the problem on drive D: only . I then rebooted again
and Chkdsk ran again and fixed drive F: as well. On the next reboot after
that Chkdsk failed to run as I expected .

My Problem is now that Chkdsk doesn't run itself anymore ( I have tried to
schedule it to run on the next reboot , but it does not execute ) so my
remaining partitioned drive ( E: ) is still inaccessible and unreadable as
before , There is some important data on that drive I want back

Is there anyway i can get my drive E: back? . I have Windows XP Home SP2

Thanking You For Your Help



Use the drive checking utility available on your HD manufacturers web site,
to create the bootable floppy/ cd testing utility.
If it was important data you can recover from your backups, should the drive
have failed


Or you can run Check Disk by typing "Chkdsk" in command prompt (without
quotation marks)

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