CHKDSK keeps running on reboot



Everytime I boot up my computer it runs a check disk on my D:\. I have one
hard hard drive partitioned into 3 drives (C:, D:, and E:). I have run
chkdsk /f on all three drives and then when I shut down and start up it again
runs chkdsk again on drive d:\. I have looked at the regeistry as some
technet articles suggest and everything looks correct. Thanks


Are you running Norton System Works?

Did you perform a Scandisk under Norton's? If so this will schedule a
CHKDSK to run when the system reboots.

Click START > RUN > tyep in 'MSCONFIG.EXE' and press OK
Look under the STARTUP tab and uncheck the entry for CHKDSK if it appears.


No, Norton Systems works is not running. I only have Mcafee Security Center
running for virus scan's.


Thanks for the KB article. I found that one a while back and while I do own
an HP printer / scanner it is not that model. I went ahead and tried what
the article suggested anyway and still had the problem.



I know you said you ran chkdsk /f on all three drives but just want to be
sure you ran the correct parameter.

From the command prompt, type; chkdsk d:/f
Is this how you done it?

All the best,


SG- Thanks for your tips. I did make sure that I ran check disk on the d:\
drive. Thanks for reminding me as sometimes its the simple things you
forget. I will give the link below a try after a while maybe. Still would
be interested in why it is happening as I need to defrag my drive and it is
being prevented right now due to the check disk requirment.

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