Contact with shortcut to other item - shortcut gives MailMsgAtt er


Mike Tate

Software pre-installed on new PC:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit & Office Basic 2007 + SP2 and all latest updates
In Outlook 2007 can create Contacts and on Insert tab use Attach Item and
select Insert as Shortcut and choose any Mail or Contact item to insert icon
into Notes.
Double-left-click on this inserted shortcut icon to open attached item often
gives error message:
"The program used to create this object is MailMsgAtt. That program is not
installed on your computer. To edit this object, you must install a program
that can open the object."
Occasionally it works OK and always worked on earlier version of Outlook.
MailMsgAtt must be installed to create shortcut so why does it disappear ?

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