Connection Speed Slow



I'm having problems with slow internet connections. My isp
says that I should be getting up to 3mbps but I am
currently only at 1.1 mbps. They have contacted the phone
company who say that the line between my apartment and
their main office is perfect. As a matter of fact they
have tested the connection between their modem and my modem
and say it's fine. I have checked my hardware and all
seems ok. I have no viruses or spyware. I have even tried
those downloadable apps that claim to speed up an internet
connection. (They didn't work.) Any suggestions? Thanks.




Chances are the slow connection is on your ISP's side. Generally the more people online in your area, the slower your connection will be (including DSL and Cable). Of course your ISP won't admit it is on them because they don't want to lose your money. If you are using a major company like Yahoo, AOL or MSN, call a small local company and ask them what the average connection speed is for your area. Obviously, if it is faster than your average connection, switch to them. The speed of your connection is going to vary day by day, like they said, UP to 3mbps, You will almost never get the highest connection, no matter what company you are with.


First off, 3Mbps is only on DSL and on Cable modem with a business class
account. Normal Cable Modem accounts are "capped" at 1.5Mbps, but even
under ideal conditions you will get nowhere near this. With DSL, you are
not sharing the available bandwidth as you are with cable, but you are using
a multiplexing schema that also reduces overhead, but the loss is a lot less
than with a shared node cable trunk. I suggest you go to and do some checking and tweaking. Also, if you are
using AOL, you will be even slower. I suggest using the Mozilla browser, as
it is faster than IE or MSN or AOL.


Richard G. Harper

Minor correction ... I have a residential cable account and I am getting
3mbps service. What is offered in terms of service depends on your carrier
and location.




No way cable is way faster w/comcast giving us 3Mbs at
home for $19.99. No dsl can compete with that. Compare
pricing also Qwest charges more for thier slowest

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