computer won't boot



I own a HP ze4805 laptiop. Today I got a blue screen on my computer with a
message that due to an internal kernal problem my computer was going to shut
down; which it did. When I tried to reboot the f2 scewwn came up asking me
if I wanted safe mode, etc. I tried safe mode; last good setting and so on.
The computer tries to boot but I get a blue screen message that quickly
appears then disappears and the computer shuts off and restarts. I inserted
the HP recovery disk in my CD drive; my computer will not boot from it
either. Any ideas abouts what's going on and how to fix it would be greatly


it could be the hard drive is bad that is one of the symptoms/
however it could just be a corrupt file. If you had a regular
xp disk, you could try a repair installation which would save
all the info on the dive. If your system has a diagnostics program run it.
Most hard drive manufactures have diagnostic software so find out
the name brand of your hard drive and go to their site and download
the software to check the drive.


F8 into the Advance options & disable automatic reboot on crashes.
Then boot windows in normal mode

This will allow you too see the blue screen error message.

Hope this Helps....

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