Computer will not exit standby, HELP APPRECIATED



I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with Windows XP media center edition. The problem
I have is that my computer will enter standby mode, either by manually
engaging it, timer, or closing the laptop, but the computer will not exit
standby mode. When I try to exit standy, by either opening the laptop or
touching a key, the computer's activity like starts to blink like its booting
up but then it stops and nothing more happens. The power light stays on, but
the screen and other indicator light remain off. The only way I can get back
onto the computer is to restart it using the power button. I have tried
looking for some kind of setting option for standby mode, but all I can find
is whether or not to have it activate and whether or not to have ask for a
password when returning from standby. I would really appreciate any help, as
I would like to be able to use standby mode. NOTE: Once or twice the computer
was nice enough to exit standby mode like it is supposed to.


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