Computer doesn't boot-error Stop 0x00000069



I recently cleaned off some space on one of my drives,
relegating many files to the Recycle Bin. The next time I
tried to boot the computer, shortly into the boot I
received this error message: STOP:0x00000069
I01_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. I looked this error message up
on Microsoft Support Knowledgebase and found a pertinent
article (826727). Apparently in my zeal of reclaiming
drive space, I disposed of an essential program.

To correct the situation, I am supposed to perform an in-
place upgrade, using my Windows 2000 CD. However, when I
try to re-boot with the CD in the CD-ROM drive, I continue
to get the error message and the CD data does not appear
on the screen. I have tried booting in Safe Mode, as well
as Last Good Configuration (and all the other Advanced
modes) to no avail. I cannot get the computer to even
recognize the CD...Any ideas? Thanks.



Pegasus \(MVP\)

You're meant to do this to get into repair mode:
- Reboot your PC
- Press the right key to get into the BIOS (it's often the "delete" key)
- Set your boot process so that the machine boots off the CD drive
- Insert your Win2000 CD
- Reboot the PC



Mar 18, 2010
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I have right know the same problem, all afternoon, I have to tryed to adjust it but nothing. Looking on internet what is the problem. Sudenly, I have on the screen the bios, insteed to press on the first post, I choiced the post named :
"to start with last known information" something like that
and finally this process was matching, all is top on my screen.

I have also tryed to put my Operating CD, but this one don't match. On the bios, I cannot to click on the CD.

Sorry for my bad english, I normally speak french.

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