Computer constantly reboots/bsod/lock-up

Mar 27, 2006
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Computer has been giving me constant problems lately but I don't know why.

Software measures

virus/worm/trojan scan - check, nothing wrong here with a software and a hardware firewall

adware/spyware scan - check, used about 5 different checkers and I keep 1 or 2 on regularly

registry cleaner - I downloaded and used about 20 different programs to clean up the registry but everything that I scanned didn't seem to have any high threat levels so I'm assuming it's all good here too

windows (xp) update - I've done it for a few of the major updates but nothing big. It's the universal pirated copy and somebody told me that I can't upgrade the service pack unless I own a legit copy

reformat? - the problems didn't occur until I formatted a few months ago due to a huge virus attack. I don't want to do this unless I really have to because I have about 70gb of valuable info that I don't wanna lose.

main occurences - it mainly happens when I am playing any graphics like videos or games. For wc3 and WoW I get a fatal error or the program just shuts off about every 10-20 minutes.


I just did a full hardware test of everything but the power supply.

Hard drive - ok
Ram - ok
Processor - ok
Motherboard - ok
Video card - ok
Network card - ok
Sound card - not supported by test, might disable because I already have onboard sound
Serial port - failed several tests so I disabled it. nothing's plugged in anyways
Parallel port - failed several tests so I disabled it. nothing's plugged in anyways

On top of this, although I'm no expert, it's not normal for multiple pieces of hardware to share the same IRQ port right? My computer is sharing the following:

Ethernet D400H

Audio DC00H D800H
Audio D000H


Would this bring about the BSOD error? So far from multiple restarts it has designated win32k.sys and ksecdd.sys as problematic files.

Stop 0x0000008E (0xc0000005, 0xBF801662, 0xAAA28CA0, 0x00000000)
win32k.sys - address BF801662 bast at BF800000, datestamp 411033af
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