Cloning a printer definition



I am using a printer definition LANINF for my normal print jobs. For
some special kind of print job, I would like to use the same printer,
but with some other printing preferences. (The settings for Form Size
and Fit To should both be Letter 8,5" x 11".) When I use the Add
Printer Wizard, and select the printer LANINF in the Find Printers
window, then no new printer is added to the list of Printers and
Faxes. Now my question is: how can I make a clone of a printer
definition, and then change the properties of the clone?



I've always used a second install of the printer driver to solve similar
problems. Both installs should be pointed to the same device & drivers,
although the same device may be accessed via different paths. It may be
necessary to rename the shortcut for the first install before the second
install is started. Usually this is not needed, and the second install
shortcut label will have (2) added to the shortcut label.
USB port
LPT1 (usually points to the USB port)
Lan or other Port (Depends on system/LAN configuration)

Currently I have an Epson R300M connected via a local USB port.
In "Settings" Printers and Faxes, One shortcut is labelled Epson R300, the
other is Epson R300 Photo.

The Epson R300 configuration is the system default, and is also accessed as
Since most of my photo related apps will save the selected printer, they
automatically use the Epson R300 Photo configuration.

With some drivers and printers, it may be necessary to change to another USB
port to get the second install to work.
If needed, you can usually go into the ports area of the driver options and
make any necessary changes.

It may be necessary to disconnect the printer from the USB port before the
first and/or second install.
Start the second install via the "Settings" "Printer & Fax" Add Printer as a
first whack. If this does not work, you may need to use the Mfrs driver
install process.
Usually, the Add printer method will allow use of the existing drivers
already on the system.

The same process may or may not work if you have a printer that has multiple
emulation modes that you wish to use. Some of the laser printers fall into
this category, and may be capable of postscript, PL, and Esc(2), as well as
raster printing and others. These printers may require seperate driver
installs for full use of the different modes.

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