Client For TS are not able to Connect


Dinesh Bhandare

My server is running TS service but clients are not able
to connect to TS it give error

" Client could not established a connection to the remote

1) Remote connections
2) network error
3) A maximum number of connection.

But there is no any session in Terminal service manager

Vera Noest [MVP]

Can the clients ping the TS?
Have you verified that the TS is listening on port 3389?
Is there anything in the EventLog on the TS when they try to
Are you running TS in Application mode? Do you have a Licensing
Server installed and activated?

187628 - Using Telnet to Test Port 3389 Functionality

Marc Reynolds [MSFT]


Make sure TCP port 3389 is open between the client and server. Try
telnetting from the client to the Terminals Server on port 3389. Can you
create a client session on the Terminal Server itself?

Marc Reynolds
Microsoft Technical Support

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Dinesh Bhandare

This is licensed machine.
We have test all the possibilties and everything is
working fine., we can ping to ip even we are able to
connect to other services like pcanywhere.

only terminal services are not able to connect

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