chkdsk does not run at startup


Windward Tech

I have tried run chkdsk /f and chkdsk /f /v as an administrator. I have
also tried through the tabs in My computer. I select the option to run
chkdsk at startup but it bypasses an goes right into windows. Is there
something I am missing. I really need to fix this because I am getting
errors in the Log saying I need to run chkdsk.





I have the same problem. I have had it 4 times before actually. (On a new
Sony VAIO CR none the less).

I have just faced this problem with a complete reformat. The problem has
been debilitating before. Sorry I am of no help, just in the same boat!



John C.

I have the same problem on a Lenovo 3000 N100 notebook preloaded with Vista
Home Premium. None of the suggestions from the mentioned link work.
IBM/Lenovo says it is a Vista problem with no solution. There is no Vista
disk as they only use recovery partitions now that only restore an image of
the initial system. I need help if anyone has suggestions.


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