chkdsk /F on reboot doesn't happen



The Registry key
with name BootExecute has the following value:

autocheck autochk /p \??\C:
autocheck autochk *

which according to Microsoft has the correct first line to implement "chkdsk
/F" on reboot. Yes, I have run chkdsk as administrator -- yes, I have
rebooted it naturally, many times -- yes, I have also done a power button
drastic shutdown in case some nasty bug is watching the shutdown.

The reason for needing chkdsk is that it already shows disk errors whether I
use the "/F" option or not. It offers to schedule itself whenever I use

Incidentally, this Registry key doesn't seem to change after reboot, so I
seem to have the opposite problem of some on this newsgroup who see chkdsk
run every time. I just want it to run at least once. Why doesn't "chkdsk
/F" happen on reboot?


When I had this problem, I got it to scan by running msconfig and selecting
"safe boot" in the boot tab. Then going to properties for the C: drive and
selecting Check disk from there. That would work when nothing else would.
Even booting to safe mode by selecting it by pressing F8 at boot would not

It appears that something was loading before the check disk command on
reboot. Never did figure out what that might have been. Problem corrected
when I went back to factory with a restore.

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