Chapter title as header not updating



I am trying to use each Chapter title (with Heading 1 style) as a
running header in a long document.

I am using Word (2003's) STYLEREF field to do this (STYLEREF "Heading
1"). I am placing this field in the document's header area.

When I update this field (F9) it converts the field to text - and looks
fine - for Chapter 1. The problem is that the same header (the title of
Chapter 1) is repeated on *every* page - not just the pages on Chapter

I have started each chapter with a new title, using Heading 1 style, so
I don't know why this isn't picked up by the header - but it's not and
I'm stuck with the same header throughout my entire document.




Stefan Blom

The field could be locked. Right-click it and see if the Update Field
command is greyed out on the context menu. If so, you can press
Ctrl+Shift+F11 to unlock the field.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

in message
news:[email protected]

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