StyleRef field in footer/header




Klaus Linke

bvuk said:
I am trying to get my headers to display the chapter title (for all chapter

The StyleRef tutorial was found here:

I have succesfully applied this formatting
Heading 1,h1 + Times New Roman
on my:
Chapter 1

However, I am not clear how to insert the StyleRef field into my header?


A simple { styleref 1 } should do.

The 1 is for "Heading 1" ... you could also use { styleref "Heading 1" } or
{ styleref "h1" } or { styleref "Heading 1,h1" } -- but since the style is
called differently in different countries/languages, the number is simplest
and best.

"Heading 1,h1 + Times New Roman" is no style, it's manual formatting. The
pane is called "Styles and formatting pane", and you have probably "Keep
track of formatting" checked in "Tools > Options > Edit" (which isn't a bad
idea at all!!).
You can tell paragraph styles from the ¶ to the right, and character styles
from the ª.

You can insert the braces with Ctrl+F9 and type the content, or insert the
whole field from the "Insert > Field..." dialog.

BTW, if you want all your headings to be Times New Roman, it would be
simpler to change your style definition?



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