Changing system shell to RDP client



Several months ago I think I read an article about how to have Windows XP
boot straight into a terminal session instead of the typical logon
screen/explorer desktop by changing the system shell to the rdp client.

We are having problems with our remote sites wasting time and/or surfing
where they shouldn't be. We already utilize Win Terminal Server to host the
application that our remote site users need. I would like the winxp machines
in those sites to boot into the rdp client and connect directly to our wts

I have been searching all afternoon, and cannot find a damn thing on how to
do this. Has anyone else heard of how to do this/know how to/can point me
in the right direction/etc....or do I need to lay off the pipe?

I posted this in the setup/admin forum seemed to know.
Hopefully this crowd is more helpful!

Thanks all

Jeffrey Randow (MVP)

You may want to post this to the terminal services specific
newsgroup.. They have more experience with this type of issue.
Jeffrey Randow (Windows Networking MVP)
(e-mail address removed)

Please post all responses to the newsgroups for the benefit
of all USENET users. Messages sent via email may or may not
be answered depending on time availability....

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