Phantom content via RDP



I have a client that uses a software package via the vendor's terminal
server. In some grid-style screens, the user can click on the column heading
to sort by the column. Sometimes, but not always, when the user does this,
the column heading changes to garbled text. Actually, the garbled text
appears to come from some of the data in some other column, but I cannot
ascertain exactly where.

For example, when the user clicked on a City column to sort by it, the
column heading changed from City to something like "DPF" (somewhat
consistently). Clicking a second time often resolves the problem, in this
case, again displaying "City" as the column heading.

The vendor claims it is a VB6-related bug in the Windows XP SP3 RDP client
(i.e. only appears in VB6 applications run via this particular version of the
RDP client) and want us to revert to an earlier RDP client, insisting that
the problem does not occur in that earlier RDP client or in the Vista or
Windows 7 RDP clients.

Has anyone seen this behavior, and is there perhaps a hotfix out there for
it? I really prefer not to start backing out updates on behalf of a vendor
that has not been thorough enough to research sufficiently or pursue a hotfix
from Microsoft.


Never mind. I thought I had lost my original question under "SP3, RDP, and
scrambled VB6 listview contents" in this forum. I see now that an answer was
posted to that question indicating a possible fix using the newest RDP client
and will attempt that fix and follow up in that thread.

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