Signed RDP Files


Philip Blow


Current setup - Windows 2003 Server SP2 (not R2), Windows 2003 SP2 Terminal
Server (not R2), Windows XP SP2 clients with RDP 6.0

I am in the process of testing SP3 and found that when I attempt to open an
RDP file that automatically executes a program on our Terminal Server I
receive a warning message stating that the RDP file is from an unknown
publisher. I can click connect and continue, but would prefer not to receive
30 phones calls once SP3 has been installed.

Is there a way to sign these RDP files with Windows XP or Windows Server 2003?




i get this same message when using *.rdp files containing the remote settings.

if you pass the settings as a string rather than using *.rdp files you do
not receive this unknown publisher message.

For example: The properties of the remote desktop connection shortcut can
be changed to point to the server you want to connect to.
%SystemRoot%\system32\mstsc.exe /v:

By modifying the shortcut with your settings you will not receive the
unknown publisher message If you use an RDP file you will receive the
unknown publisher message.


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