changing icons for saved IE7 shortcuts?



I've recently upgraded to XP-Pro and IE v7 browser. I can no longer change
the icons on my desktop url shortcuts. They all display the v7 browser icon.
I like to apply certain icons to help me identify and group my desktop

The option is available to allow me to "change" or attach a
different icon to the shortcut, but even though the changed icon shows up,
once I click apply and ok, the IE7 icon just blinks and remains, no change!
The IE6 shortcut icons will accept the change.

Is anyone else able to change these icons? Is it possible there's a setting
somewhere that I'm missing?

My thanks for your time.


PS: I had this posted in the customize forum but haven't had any replies so
thought I'd post here. Will there be an IE v7 help forum or am I simply
missing it in my list of newsgroups?


Thank you but this doesn't correct my problem.

I have subscribed to the correct newsgroup. Should I repost my question



Is there an answer to this problem? I'm curious, I've been all over the net
trying to find a solution, because I have the exact same problem as Mary -
after a whole day of googling everything I possibly can, finally found her
question here.

Is this a universal problem, or as she asked - is it just a messed up
setting we need to change?

Never had this problem before xp. I miss my icons.


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