Changing "default" location to CD



Setup for my question:
I created a Data CD which contains:
(1)over 500 wedding, reception, and honeymoon photos,

(2)a Powerpoint 2007 slideshow which includes 51 slides of the wedding,
reception, and honeymoon photos, plus text and background music,

(3)and I used three mp3 files from the ceremony inside the slideshow as
background music for some of the slides.

My question:
How do I get my Powerpoint 2007 creator to use the ->user's<- CD-rom as the
"default" disk when searching for the music files which I embedded in the

My problem:
During the slideshow, the CD plays the background music on **my** machine
just fine (because the original mp3 files still reside on my hard drive), but
when I insert the same CD into my wife's laptop, the music doesn't play
during the slideshow because the Powerpoint tries to locate the mp3's on
**her hard drive** instead of the CD.

When I tried to go into the creator to insert the mp3 and subsequently
change the filename (by using a wildcard, or by using "..\" as the first 3
characters in the filename [like "..\songname.mp3"] ), the program wouldn't
let me save it in that format.

How do I force Powerpoint to use any user's CD-Rom as the **default** file
location when searching for the imbedded music files which reside on the CD?

If I just put "F:\songname.mp3" as the filename, other people who play the
CD may not have the CD-Rom with a device name of "F:"-- it may be "D:", or


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