Slides won't advance with linked music




I have a Powerpoint 2003 presentation running on XP with a single MP3 file
linked. When I start the presentation, the music plays, but the slideshow
won't advance past the first slide. If I remove the music, the slideshow
works fine. I have tried with a .wav file, but the result is the same.

Any help would be greatl appreciated!


Hi Luc:

Thank you for the link. I actually read it the other day, but it doesn't
quite fix my dilemma. The problem isnt' that music won't play - the .mp3 and
/ or .wav files I select play fine. The problem is that when the
presentation starts, the first slide appears, the music starts and keeps
playing, but the first slide just sits there - it won't advance to the next
slide, even though I had it set to automatically advance. I

If I delete the music and start the presentation over again, the slides
advance automatically, as they're supposed to.



Lucy Thomson

Hi Mitch

Have you got something on the slide set to 'after previous'? If so, it will
wait for the end of the music before it happens. Change it to 'with
previous' and adjust start/end times.



My song finishes after slide 35 I would like to add another song to begin on
slide 36 I am attempting to insert it as I did the other however, I'm unable
to figure out how to get that one to only shows the first song I
inserted. How do I get this to work?

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