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I have a large dilemma. What I am trying to do is change the permissions on
all printers on a print server to all include an AD group and have that group
have permissions to manage printers and documents. I am unable to find a way
of changing this on multiple printers at a time. And unfortunately I need to
change over 1300 printers spanning 15+ servers.

Any one know of a way I can do this through a script? I don't need the
script to handle multiple servers, I can easily run it on each individual
server, but need to be able to add in the individual printer names to the
script, or have the script read a text file containing the printer queues. Or
if the script can discover all printers on a server - i'm up for anything
other than manually editing each printer queue.




Alan Morris [MSFT]

You can accomplish this on a per server basis (or per printer if you need
to only set a few on a particular machine).

The resource kit has a tool setprinter.exe where you can set all the
security descriptors the same for all printers. Basically you need to
configure one printer using the UI with the changes, then read the
descriptor, then set all the printers the same.

config "PrinterName" with UI
To see current settings:
SetPrinter -show PrinterName 3

To change security settings (see "Security Descriptor String Format" in MSDN
or SDKdocs for details)
*** WARNING: this could make the print queue inaccessable and require the
use of a registry editor to fix ***
SetPrinter PrinterName 3

To leave the settings unchanged (but what's the point then):
SetPrinter PrinterName 3 "pSecurityDescriptor=NULL"

to apply the new security to all the printers on a server
SetPrinter \\Printserver 3

here's the resource kit.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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