Change default font in Outlook 2007 for new emails



When I start a new email the default Style is Normal, but the color is
YELLOW. I can not find where to change the color to black so it can be read.

Doing the following does not work:
Tools-Options-Mail Format-Stationery and Fonts-Personal Stationery and then:
New Mail Messages-Fonts
Replying or Forwarding messages-Fonts
Composing and reading plain text messages-Fonts
It looks like it would work because those colors are already set to black.

I can change the font for each email by right clicking the Normal Style,
modify. I've tried clicking on "New documents based on this template" and
"only in this document.

There has to be somewhere else to make the change. Any help would be
greatly appreciated!
But as soon as I close this email and open a new one it is back to the
Normal Style with YELLOW font.


I also created another Style, but I can't get it to come up as the Default
for new emails. I've tried to make the default by clincking on change styles
(on a new email). Set as default. Doesn't work. If I open a new email it
ocmes back up as Normal Style and in yellow font.


Tools-Options-Mail Format-Stationery and Fonts-Theme
My Theme was set to Blank (Stationery). I tried (No Theme) and the font is
back to black!!!! I still don't know how to change the font color on the
"Blank (Stationery)" so how do I do that?

Jocelyn Fiorello

So if you go back into Tools-Options-Mail Format-Stationery and Fonts-Theme,
does it still say No Theme or did it revert back to Blank (Stationery)?

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