change appointment attendees in outlook 2007



Outlook 2007 - recent upgrade from 2003

I have a recurring appointment (weekly meeting) that I sent out to our
managers months ago. However, over the course of time, some of these people

When I go in to remove the people (attendees) that are no longer here,
Outlook asks
1) Save changes and send update or
2) Don't save but keep the meeting open.
I want to 3) Save changes, but don't send update.
I don't feel it's necessary to let everyone know that I'm removing someone
from this list.
Is there any way around this?



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

hmm. my options are
save changes and send update
save changes, don't send update
don't save changes

how are you closing the form?

try this: click the scheduling button. uncheck the people you want to remove
and go to the office icon, close. if you want their names removed, open it
back up and remove them, close again.

(I can get 3 different dialogs depending on how I remove names and save or
close it. )


Thanks Diane,
But I don't have option 2) - save, don't send update.

I opened up the appointment several different ways and clicked on Scheduling
to remove them, and also on Attendees, but each time I try to close it, I
only get the 2 options I mentioned below.

I'm wondering if our IT people have disabled that option for some reason.

Diane Poremsky {MVP}

Nah, I don't think you can blame IT. I can repro the dialog you get and I
can make it show the one you want - for both single and recurring events,
opened both as the occurrence only and the series. I wonder if going
between opening a single occurrence and the series did something.

If you uncheck and then choose Don't Save, does it remain unchecked when you
reopen it? What about if you delete a name, don't save and reopen?




ok, I opened the recurring appointment "series", clicked scheduling,
unchecked the names, saved the appointment, then closed it (X) and it didn't
ask me to send or delete changes. So first question is YES.

Now, when I open the appointment, only the people I want in there are
there... When I click on Scheduling, all are still listed, but those
unchecked are still unchecked. Additionally, when I click on attendees,
those I unchecked are not showing up.

By George... I think you've got it!

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