Certify drivers via WHQL digital signature


Alexander Sailer

Hi all,

at first I have to appologize for the crossposting, but I'm new in driver
development and not sure about the correct group.

Then I try to describe my challenge. We got a hardware and an existing
driver for an USB2SER changer. This driver was signed, so it was possible
to install it without any problems. But we have to adjust some details in
the driver files and so it is not certified any more.
Now we would like to certify this adjusted driver via WHQL. Has anyone done
this in the past and could give some tips to certify the drivers without
too much troubles?

BTW: The driver should be certified to the OS Win2k and WinXP (home and

TIA Alex

X'Posted to: microsoft.public.development.device.drivers,microsoft.public.windowsxp.device_driver.dev,microsoft.public.windowsxp.winlogo
F'up2: microsoft.public.development.device.drivers


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