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Evan Lin(宜鋒)

Hi All,

We have implement some driver module under Windows XP/Vista/7.

However we got our driver failed on using tool "sigverif.exe".

It will show our CA is not validate certificate.

Could anyone help to confirm if it violate to any LOGO certification
or WHQL?

Here is my search result from internet.

It (SigVerif) by default only checks 3rd-Party drivers. A Digital
Signature is basically a way to guarantee a file is valid or has not
been tampered with. Also, when you go to install some devices XP will
warn you that the drivers haven't passed XP Logo testing. This is also
part of the Signature process where MS has certified the drivers to be
compatible with XP. I believe this is done via the Windows Hardware
Quality Labs (WHQL). You can read up on it here:

After read this, we still could not confirm if it violate any LOGO
certification or WHQL implement guide.

Please help to explain it


Evan Lin


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