cell resize problem



have created a table using "layout tables and cells" FP2003
I made the large cell in the centre have round corners and a colored
Now I want to change the properties of this cell to include % sizes rather
than pixels. When I try to do this by going to cell formatting , all the
property and border options are greyed out.
Can anyone show me what I am doing wrong?

Ada Pan [MSFT]

Hello Jay,

From the post log, I understand that the options on the Cell Formatting in
the task pane are grayed out.
If this is not correct, please feel free to let me know.

Based on my knowledge, I recommend you check the following options to
narrow down this issue:

1. This issue may occur when the Reveal Tags option is set on the View
To work around this behavior, click to clear the Reveal Tags command on the
View menu.

2. This issue may occur if some options in the Tools => Page Options =>
Authoring tab are not selected.
To work around this behavior, please go to Tools => Page Options =>
Authoring tab and then check all options.

Now, does this issue recur?

If the problem still persists, please help us collect more information for
further research.

1. When you insert a table in a new HTML page in FrontPage 2003, and then
click Layout Table and Cells in the task pane, do the options for the
layout table, for the layout cell, and for all other options are available?
2. Please take a screenshot of the scenario and send it to :<
(e-mail address removed) >.
3. Does this issue occur in any other user accounts? Please create a new
user account and check if this issue recurs in the newly created user
4. Does this issue occur on any other clients?

Please try the suggestions and let me know the result at your earliest
convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.


Ada Pan

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