FP'03 -- cell corners and shodows grayed out



In FP 2003, under "Layout Tables and Cells -- Cell Formatting," all of the
options in each section are greyed out. Properties & Borders, Headers &
Footers, Corners & Shadows. Nothing is listed in the program's "Disabled
items" list. I can't figure out what to do or what needs done to activate
these options. Can anyone help?

Steve Easton

With your web open, click Tools > Page properties.
In the dialog that opens click the Authoring Tab and set the dropdowns
to Custom
and set the schema version to Internet Explorer 5.0

Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
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Thomas A. Rowe

Make sure that you have a web / site open before you open the page where you are trying to use this

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
If you feel your current issue is a results of installing
a Service Pack or security update, please contact
Microsoft Product Support Services:
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security update, then there is usually no charge for the call.

Kathleen Anderson [MVP - FrontPage]

FP2003: The Layout Tables and Cells options are unavailable (grayed out)
1.. You have View | Reveal Tags enabled - disable it.
2.. You are editing a page that uses Shared Borders. Layout Tables and
Cells and Shared Borders appear to be mutually exclusive.


None of these work. The website and page are open, Authoring dropdown is
Custom and set to IE 5, Reveal Tags is disabled, and Shared Borders is turned
off. But the options are still grayed out.

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