Corner properties



I'm setting the cell corners for a layout cell that has a blue background.
The problem I have is that when I apply the standard rounded corner the
colour outside the corner border still remains blue.

I can't for the life of me figure out why this remains or more importantly,
how to remove it and get a nice smooth corner.

Ideas welcomed. Thanks

Paul C

I presume you are using the frontpage layout table and cells function.
In the "cell corners and shadows" of the cell formating change the border
colour to the colour of your page then click then re apply the corners by
clicking on the corner buttons . this will apply the changes.
Paul M


Hi Paul,

I am indeed using that function and have followed your instructions but this
hasn't resolved the problem.

The borders have been added resulting in a white line but there is still
blue outside that line to the corners.

I'm seriously puzzled as to why the corner tips haven't turned white /

Further thoughts welcome. Thanks.


I ended up inserting a new ‘layout cell’ and everything was tickety-boo!

Many thanks.

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