Whats MIN height when adding rounded corners via layout table



I have a table, to which I need to add (4) rounded corners.
But when I add them I get a header & footer produced that's much higher than
the corners.
The corners I'm using are 15 x 15, yet I get a header that's 38 high.
I seem to be able (via 'change row height)' to reduce it to 33, but no more.

- For the page design, I cannot afford to waste this much height.
- Is there a way I can add corners with min height?
Is there somewhere I can read about layout tables' constaints / quirks /
- Any other good ways to add a black background to a table & simulate
rounded corners?
{I tried drawing an AutoShape & moving it to the background, but it moves
possition slightlt on testing with IE & firefox, etc. - is there perhaps a
way to fix this)

Paul C

Hi Barry
Can you post a URL to the page or the code for the table or div. Make sure
there are no   in the table .These are carrage breaks put in by
frontpage to keep the table cells from closing completely but if you leave
them in when you have an image in there it creates a space.
Here are some tutorials to create rounded corners


Divs using no image for corners

Paul M

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