CD's are invisible



I have a cd-rom drive and a dvdrw-cdrw drive and neither one will recognize
when a cd-rom (such as games or music) is inserted, it's as if they are not
even in there. To my knowledge no changes were made at the time they stopped
reading them. (Do have small children playing on it though.) Dvd's play in
the dvd drive though. I updated the Imapi already and that made no
difference. I've already tried the xcopy command also. Cd wouldn't copy but
dvd did. Hardware, drivers and codecs are good. Tried a new IDE cable but it
didn't do any good. I have had 2 CD's read though. One was the driver
installer from Dell but not much use here. Just today for the heck of it I
inserted a new CD that I got from my cat scan and it worked fine. It did
however have it's own viewer.?.? Is there some sort of "behind the scenes"
viewer that Windows has that could be the problem? I'm running on xp pro.
Recently put in sp3 hoping it would help. No good. For now no music cd's and
only games on dvd's. Get's kind of boring.



Unfortunately, Windows Explorer handles the CD components when it is loaded into the CD tray. Your driver may be
outdated, corrupted, or incompatible with one or more updates that has been installed on your computer, forcing it to quit
unannounced. Have you checked your device manager to make sure there are no error reports to be viewed, or unknown devices


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That was the first thing that I did. I do believe that I mentioned it was
both the DVD player and the CD player. DVD player reads DVD's fine, just not
the CD's. The DVD player is both a DVD/RW and a CD/RW. They both read all
CD's just fine until about a month ago and then they both just quit.

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