I am trying to re-install Win XP Pro on my home computer. The hard drive
crashed because of software difficulties and I was unable to restore. I wiped
the hard drive, then put the Windows CD in the drive and rebooted the
computer after making sure I changed the boot sequence in the CMOS so that it
would boot from CD. When it gets to where it should start booting from the
CD, I get the following messages:

Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM:
1. No Emulation System Type-(00)
CDBOOT: Memory Overflow Error

Invalid system Disk

Now I know this disk works just fine as I have just recently used it. So
what is going on here? This error is not on the microsoft website anywhere
that concerns installation of the program.



Maurice N ~ MVP

If you have both a CD drive & a DVD drive, make sure you are using the 1st physical device (according to physical hookup).
Or if you do have both, then try booting with CD in other drive

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