Capturing/Export video with Windows Movie Maker



I have a little different problem than what I've read here on the boards.

I have a SONY DV camcorder which is connected to my HP laptop via Firewire
(card in PCI slot). The laptop is running Windows XP SP2.

The camcorder is fully recognized by Windows and the DV is recognzied by
Movie Maker. My problem is that when I attempt to capture video, no data
seems to be transmitted. The PC is fully controlling the DV camcorder, but
no video appears in the preview window. I did have one attempt where I
capture a frame or two, but nothing more - so it seems to be hit and miss.

I also created a movie from JPGs in Movie Maker and attempted to export it
back to tape on the DV camcorder. Movie Maker chugged away and eventually
kicked the camcorder into record mode. However, no data was ever sent back
out to the camcorder.

Anyone have ideas on this problem? Thanks.


I have a Sony DCR-TRV17 and HP laptop. I have just connected my Sony to my
laptop with the (DV) jack. As I remember, this cable did not come
with my camera, it was a separate purchase. I was able to transfer my video
from the camera to my laptop, but I have not been able to save it to a CD. I
don't have my CD that came with my camera, I don't know if that's why I can't
save to CD???
So . . . . maybe you can try the approach and see if you can save to
a CD.

I hope some one has an answer!!!

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