Help with extracting Video from Camcorder



I am trying to extract video from my camcorder to my PC but it will not
detect it. Windows Movie maker gives me an error message stating "A video
capture deviuce was not detected...". I used to be able to do this with the
camers (Sony Mini DV) but ever since I upgraded my computer and reinstalled
the OS I have not been able to extract video. I do not believe it to be a
cable or driver issue since other devices plugged in with this cable function
properly and I don't believe it to be a camcorder issues since I tried
connecting another newer Mini DV camcorderand get the exact same issue. I am
currently running Windows XP Pro SP3 with Windows Movie Maker 5.1.


Not a solution, just a note that I had problems installing SP3 on my XP
computer since it was released.... a few days ago I reformatted the hard
drive and installed XP MCE 2005 from scratch, including SP3 and all other
updates since it. The computer is running the best it ever has and I just
checked MM2.1 doing a firewire capture from my mini-DV camcorder and had no

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