Can't sign in to msn messenger, 81000314 comes up each time



I have been trying all day to sign into msn, it was working fine last
night and then this morn, the message- "signing into msn is failed because
the service is temp. unavail. 81000314. I can sign in with my other hotmail
accounts, just not my main one. Can anyone help? I've tried numerous
suggestions and nothing worked. Thanx a bunch!


I been having the same problem.

clicking on help brings up a page that says the servers are having
problems, but i suspect its just a select few.

could have something to do with the introduction today of msn 8 beta?
prob not...


Not for me - as of 11:30 GMT on Monday 23rd Oct. I can sign in with a
normal hotmail account, but not my own email. Was able to do so all
last week. What's the problem?


there seems to be little help from Microsoft for this problem, it's
individuals who seem to be trying to resolve this.Poor show on their behalf,
(Microsoft).I think there is a design problem with the latest version or
certainly version 7.0
It is a problem not (obviously) being resolved by the designers!
Best of luck with your efforts as the suggestions on the problem pages
(other than the ordinary individuals) are adds where you are expected to pay
for problems caused by another party!Ken, Ireland


Hey thanks for the advice guys, but i'm fine now. Got signed in
automatically, this morning. thank goodness. I got word back from microsoft
and it was a problem all weekend. Hope all of you are up and running!!!
Cheers, Jgirl, Canada, Van

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