having problems with my msn messenger 7.5




When i sign into my msn, it works no problem, but after i get boote
from it, so then i reconnect to it, it comes up saying "Siging in t
MSN MESSENGER failed because the sever is temporarily unavailable
Please try again later.
But the thing is , i can sign into msn with my son's account and i
works just fine. Im just having problems with my account.
This happened to me last week, but i can still get into my hotmai
account, i even changed my password, tried signing into msn messenger
and it worked. But it has started all over again tonight. I even trie
rebooting computer, nothing is working. So if anyone has any ideas o
this, it would be good to hear from someone.



try to sign from another computer......
every time sign out of msn messenger and not close it

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