Can't send email with attachments



I have recently installed outlook 2003 on my machine. I am accessing a pop
account and am having periodic issues with lockup's in the software, most
notable when I try to send an email with an attachment. Uaually when I am
previewing an email and Outlook locks up (it does this with some frequency) I
just exit and go back in. SP1 has fixed this issue to some degree, as has
removing spyware/adware from my machine. However nothing, including
reinstalling the software seems to fix the issue with sending attachments.
It just locks up, and I have to end task to get out of the program. I
checked the system log in windows XP and am seeing frequent mention of
something like this:

Faulting application outlook.exe, version 11.0.6353.0, stamp 408f2937,
faulting module dccmsp32.dll, version 10.0.2000.214, stamp 38a8834e, debug?
0, fault address 0x00005346.

Outlook gives the error message: "The remote call prodedure failed" followed
by "Fatal error has occured in outlook. The data in your envelope has been
lost, but your document is still available."

I can go into webmail for my pop account and send attachments just fine.
This seems to be with any kind of attachments, .DOC, .JPG are the common
types I need to send.

Chuck Davis

If you are using Word as your e-mail editor, there are
times that Word doesn't close-it just looks like it. My
routine choose Detect and Repair from the Help drop down
menu in Outlook and then open Word separately and also
choose Detect and Repair from the Help drop down menu. The
problem wouldn't occur again for a couple of weeks of heavy

I haven't had the problem since installing Windows XP
Service Pack 2 (SP2) on the 15th. Only time will tell...

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