cant see sp1 in the update list



they say that vista's sp1 is available through *windows update*. From the
"msdn flash" email I followed the link and got to the download site. But
than I wanted to download and install it as part of the update that happens
while I'm using windows vista, you know the "View available updates" window.
And the
Control Panel\System and Maintenance\Windows Update
shows that "Windows is up to date". But i dont see any sp1 update there. Why
is that? Will I have to manually download it from: ?



Maurice Batey

i dont see any sp1 update there.

Have you been ofeferd any Important or Recommended updates and
refused any?

If so, try installing them instead, and you might find SP1 is
then offered!

(Is what happened to me.)


Yes there some recommended updates that I havnt installed. Some of them I
dont want to install. But none of them goes by the title that would mean
windows vista sp1. I have double clicked all of the uninstalled-recommended
entries to see their explanation of what they r and their sizes and none of
them is sp1.
"Control Panel\System and Maintenance\Windows Update" tells me that "No new
important updates are available for your computer"


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