SP1 for Vista has been released to the public



i am not installing it until i see all the horror or not stories on the
other vista newsgroups :p


also seems it is not going into the "updates" until the beginning of April
Robinb said:
i am not installing it until i see all the horror or not stories on the
other vista newsgroups :p


and to add to this:

before you go and click on it you need to do the following:

Please read this first


and this if you do not see the update in Windows Update


For some Dell computers and others (like mine) the Sigmatel Audio Driver
is not up to date and has conflicts

From what I researched, Dell & Microsoft are working on a solution to this
and should have one soon.

If you do not see the update in WU this could be one of your problems or you
did not do all the updates for Vista
which you really need to do so you can install this sp1.

If you are up to date you need to do a few things before installing this

1. run your avg antivirus program to make sure you have no viruses
2. Run and update all your antispyware programs to make sure you do not have
3. Run Ccleaner and clean out the garbage
4. Do a disk cleanup and defrag on the computer

Once this is all done- reboot the computer
Disable your antivirus program so it is not running

Set a restore point in System Restore in Vista just in case something goes
wrong and you need to restore it back to the time prior to installing sp1
Now click on Windows Update and now you can do sp1 and PRAY

This is a major update to your computer and anything can go wrong.


Robinb said:
also seems it is not going into the "updates" until the beginning of April


just an fyi

I called microsoft yesterday asking what will be done via this problem for
those who cannot get updated drivers for the Sigma Tel audio driver. (like
myself) The
problem is Sigma no longer makes audio drivers and passed it off to another
company who told me they are not making updated drivers at all for this type
of audio codec.
So how do you get updated drivers if you cannot? I have been on many forums
via Dell and Gateway and thousand of customers have the same problem.

First microsoft was giving advise to uninstall the driver and allow Vista to
find its own drivers for this.
Many did this and found they still had no sound.

Microsoft also said to uninstall drivers, put sp1 on and then reput back the
driver for sigman tel.
Many who did this found after the sp1 install, when trying to put back the
driver, Vista now came back with an error msg saying "This driver is not
compatable for Vista"
so they wound up again with no sound.

Well after talking to the tech and he confirmed that this is what was being
said- now when people call in they are telling them not do do anything and
wait because microsoft is working on a solution to this.

They say it will show up in Windows Update either a patch or fix for this

I received this morning an email from microsoft that I am passing in here,
some of the info like email or confirmation number has been taken out just
for security.

see below

this will confirm what microsoft told me, I received an email today

This is Smitha Nair with Microsoft Windows Technical Support.

I am following up regarding your Windows service request . Here is an
outline of the steps that we agreed upon during our call:

Problem Description:
Needs information on installing service pack 1 on a computer with sigmatel
audio drivers.

Troubleshooting Performed:
We did not perform any troubleshooting onthe computer.

Action Plan:
Kindly wait for further updates from microsoft which addresses the sigma
audio driver compatibilty issues with service pack1.

My goal is to ensure that your experience with Microsoft Windows Technical
Support leaves you pleased with our products and services.

If you have any feedback regarding Microsoft support, we would be glad to
hear from you. If you would feel more comfortable speaking with someone
else regarding my service, Sumit , my manager, would be very happy to hear
your comments and suggestions.

Bill Sanderson

Thanks for posting this, Robin.

"just wait" is easy advice to give--and so, perhaps suspect.

In this case, I suspect there really is some plan to deal with the
situation--we'll see.


in this case one really has no choice to wait unless you go out and
purchase another sound card, uninstall the sigma driver, take it out of the
bios because it is on the motherboard, but this is time consuming and a bit

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