can't save photos imbedded in body of e-mail in Outlook (2 Q's)



A friend with a Mac (this may or may not be relevant...) sends me photos that
are imbedded in an e-mail, not attachments, but she insists they are
attachments. However, there are NO places to click on an attachment. No
paperclip, nothing. The only "remnant" seems to be the name of the photo
file with the extension (in this case: 100_1938.JPG copy). When I right
click on it, the only choice is Copy, not Save or Save As. And if I copy it
and try to save it to a file, it saves as something I've never heard of: a
scrap. And it truly is a scrap. This started happening after I upgraded to
Office 2007. Is there another way to save these photos to My Pictures? Or
is there some setting that I need to change?

Also, I send my mom photos as attachments and sometimes she doesn't have any
place to click either. And she and I both have PCs. Shes uses Outlook
Express, and I use Outlook. Perhaps this is a setting, too?

Thank you for your help.


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