can't plug and play



I can't use two out of three plug and play devices that I have connected to
my computer which is a Time Colossus with AMD Athlon (tm) XP1800+ running on
Windows XP version 2002, Service Pack 1. The devices are tried and tested XP
compatible:- a Nikon Finepix camera and a Creative Nomad mp3 player. The
install Wizard cannot find the drivers. Time Software support advised me to
try a couple of drivers from the viaarena site:- Hyperion V443v and the
V453v. I have downloaded and installed both, but without effect. Has anyone
had a similar experience? Is there a solution as software support is costing
me a fortune? I have gone through all the basic user checks:- everything is
supposed to be working fine except for the missing drivers. Could the fault
be the computer or the original software? If so then I have service cover.

Nathan McNulty

A couple of things, is it a Fuji Finepix or a Nikon Coolpix? Second,
you shouldn't have to install anything to make these products work as
they should just show up as Removeable disks in My Computer. I would
uninstall all of your USB device from Device Manager
(Start-Run-devmgmt.msc) and reboot, then try it again.

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