Can't play music CD's after latest Microsoft Patches



I don't know if this is simply a coincidence, or. if in fact one of the
latest patches affected both my CD drive and DVD drive. After installing
the latest six or seven critical updates, neither my CD R/RW, or my DVD/CD
player will play music CD's. They read data and installation programs, but
not audio CD's. Media Play version 10 shows that the music is playing.

My sound system, subwoofer and two speakers, on an old Microsoft Windows 98
Digital Sound System, plays everything else on the internet and mp3 files
saved to my hard drive.

Is anyone else having this problem. It is strange that two different drives
would be having the same problem at the same time.

Any input would sincerely be appreciated. Thank you.
System is a Sony Vaio with AMD Athlon 1.5 GB, 768 RAM, Windowns XP Home


Check your Audio Properties. Make sure your audio device, either onboard or
sound card, is listed. You may need to reset them. Then check Device Manager
for problems with sound.


Thank you for taking the time to help me. Unfortunately, I have already
tried what you suggested.

As an update: this morning the CD/RW was able to play an audio CD, but the
DVD/CD Player still reads only data disks not audio. All very strange.
Thanks again for the input.

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