Can't login as Administrator after hibernate and resume on XPPro


Perce P. Cassidy

Using XPPro+SP2.

I have three non-Administrator accounts, but for some purposes -- e.g.,
backup using Drive Image 7 -- I have to login as Administrator.

Logging in as Administrator is no problem -- except when the machine has
hibernated while I was logged in as Administrator. In this case, when
the machine resumes it comes back to the Welcome screen showing the
three non-Administrator accounts but also the words "preparing to
hibernate," and pressing C-A-D twice does *not* bring up the screen that
normally allows me to login as Administrator.

In this case I have to login using one of the non-Administrator
accounts, then Restart, but when I do so I get the warning that other
people are logged in and that data loss may occur.

How do I solve this problem?




Percival P. Cassidy

The situation described in the links you posted seems different: they
are describing a hang while trying to hibernate. My machine hibernates
just fine; it's trying to log on again *as Administrator* when it
*resumes* that's not working for me.

AND I have now noticed that the same thing happens even when the
screensaver has kicked in (long before the machine is due to hibernate)
and I want to log in again as Administrator: pressing C-A-D twice
doesn't do a thing.



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