Excessive login time. Does not hibernate properly



I have a Dell Latitude D830 with Windows Vista

My computer works fine as long as it is booted up and I have logged in
to my profile.

The problem appears to be that it does not hibernate properly and
takes about 5 minutes to log in to my profile. It boots up

It starts to hibernate, but appears to hang up and never shuts the
drives or power off. After several minutes, I end up having to hold
the power button until it shuts down. This results in an improper

Excessive login time to my profile:
The computer boots up without a problem. When I login, however, it
may take 5 minutes to complete the login. I am sure there is some
“stay resident” program that must be causing this problem.

My questions on the hibernation problem are:

1. Can I view a log of the hibernation sequence to see what may be
preventing the hibernation to complete?
2. Do you have a written procedure to track down this problem?
3. Is there a log that the computer creates that may shed some light
on this?

My questions on the long login problem are:

1. Can the gadget sidebar have anything to do with the excessive login
2. Is there any way I can view the steps of the login process to see
what is causing the long delay?
3. Do you have any written procedure that I can use to debug this


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