Hibernation Issue



I have a Dell 6400 Inspiron laptop with 1 Gig of Ram, an ATI graphics card
but no other added peripherals - the sound card, wireless and ethernet cards
are integrated on the motherboard. I'm using XP Pro with all the critical
updates installed. Software installed is Office 2003, Quicken 2006 and an
F-Prot security package (anitvirus, firewall and spam filter).

Up until a couple of weeks ago there were not problems in hibernating or
shutting down.

My problem is this when I first boot up then work for a while, hibernate and
later awake from hibernation, work some more then try to hibernate again
Windows won't hibernate. The hard drive light wll come on but after a second
or two, hard drive activity stops. I can continue to work, save files, etc.
but the only way I can turn off my computer is to press the power button.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where or how to troubleshoot this issue?




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