Can't install critical Windows updates.



I can't install the following critical Windows updates:

Cumulative Security Update for Outlook Express 6 SP1
Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB841873)
Security Update for Windows 2000 (KB839645)

I initially had 7 critical updates to install. I selected
all of them, but only 4 installed, and the above failed.
I rebooted and tried the remaining critical updates, but
they failed again. I have rebooted repeatedly and tried
each of them individually but they still fail. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. I feel a little vulnerable.


RIGHT CLICK on your Internet Explorer icon and choose PROPERTIES
On the GENERAL tab click DELETE FILES, and when asked click DELETE ALL
OFFLINE CONTENT then click OK. This clears out your cache.
Try to run Windows Update again (START, WINDOWS UPDATE)

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